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Arriola Sunshine Farm
17702 CR 23
Dolores, CO 81323

Breeding stock, rams, ewes, lambs, locker lambs, pelts, wool, and skulls are available.


Lazy S Spring
Debra Wagler
PO Box 295
Pine, CO 80470
(775) 721-0355

Registered Navajo Churros, breeding stock, ram leases.
Sheep related products for sale. Natural color raw fleeces, milled products - warp, weft yarn, and hand crafted drop spindles (pine). hand crafted tapestry looms (oak).


Hovenweep Sheep
Chuck Wales
484 CR 220
Durango, CO 81303

Registered and registerable rams, ewes and lambs, white and colors, polled and multi-horned. Roving, pelts, fleeces, yarn, skulls, as well as locker lambs.