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Navajo Churro fiber products source directory.

Click on any of the links below to go to independent offerings of Navajo-Churro Sheep Association member's web sites, offering various products from this incredibly versatile animal. For raw fleeces, click here to go to the fleece directory.

Phone: (503) 538-7987

At bide a wee farm we offer Navajo-Churro roving in a variety of colors, single ply weaving yarn (spun at 700 yards/lb), colorful sheepskins, well skirted lamb and adult fleeces, and horn buttons.
fiber products

Phone:  (208) 562-1961

Navajo-Churro roving in several colors and yarns in both natural sheep colors and plant dyed.  All yarns are single ply and spun at 600-800 yards per pound.  Perfect for weaving! Finished woven, braided, and locker hooked items. Looms and weaving tools as well.

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Lazy S Spring
PO Box 265
Pine, CO 80421

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Wool and organic products

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Five Springs Farms

Avery Hellman
Petaluma, CA 94954

We offer Navajo-Churro yarn, undyed in various colors.


To be listed, here's the requirements:
* Farms must be paid up members of the N-CSA.
* Products (yarn, roving, weavings, buttons, skulls, etc) should be produced from Navajo-Churro sheep.
* $10 annual fee is paid to the N-CSA office (click here for info). Fee also allows inclusion into the fleece directory. A short descriptive paragraph of offerings, as well as a photograph, should be sent with the fee.