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Harken Back Farm
Charlie and Anna Farmer
1401 Pucker St
Stowe, VT 05672

Harken Back Farm is home to a 100% registered flock of Navajo Churros. Two rams allow us to offer non-related and registerable breeding stock with a diversity of colors in polled or horned stock. Weanlings available in mid-May. We also sell raw wool, pelts, and when available, meat.

Orion Rising Farm and Land & Lamb Co.
Bob Slattery & Minna White
Orion Rising Farm
South Royalton, VT 05068

Purebred and registered flock with six unreleated rams (four imported for 2014 lambing) and thirty ewes. Polled, two and four-horned genetics demonstrating many fleece colors and patterns incuding badgers and moorits. Breed stock available. We sell grease fleece, washed and carded batts, 3 ft by 4 ft felt panels as well as Navajo-Churro felt bags (see