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Navajo-Churro Sheep may be registered if they conform to the Breed Standards published on the following pages. These standards are based on historical records. Sheep Registration is accomplished by either of two methods: On-Site or Mail-In.  From 2002 through 2006, applications for sheep 6 months of age were considered for full registration if both parents were registered. In 2007 the age of eligibility reverted to more mature animals of at least one year or older. In some cases, N-CSA may issue temporary certificates for immature sheep and ask for reapplication at 18 months of age. In this case, applicants do not pay additional fees for resubmissions. Also, we’d like a general flock photo, yearly.

“One Sheep per Form” or “Short Multiple Sheep Form”

You must use the normal revised (Jan ' 18) form for all sheep that  do not have both parents registered or for sheep that you purchase. You can use the Short Multiple Sheep Form for sheep that have both parents registered AND that you bred yourself. All forms must include the required photos and fleece samples. Please staple photos and samples to the back of the single forms so they can be assessed easily.

On-Site Registration and Inspectors

Applicants should provide catch pens and help restrain animals.  All forms must be filled out before the inspector arrives. Sheep must have ear tags or tattoos. A picture of all rams is required, but ewe photos and fleece samples are waived on site.  A flock photo representing all or some of your sheep must accompany the application unless there is cultural objection.  The cost of travel/expenses has to be arranged between owner and inspector.  Standard fees to N-CSA are listed below and are the same as for Mail-In. Inspectors are listed at the bottom of this page. All inspectors on the list may do field inspections or may also assist with mail-ins. The fees listed are sent to the N-CSA Office.

*Mail-In Registration * Send all applications to the N-CSA Office * Micki Jones

The form (revised Jan '18) must be filled out to the best of your knowledge. You do not need to fill in every blank if you do not know the information. Sheep must have ear tags or tattoos. The owner must state where the animal was purchased if the breeder is unknown. Pictures and fleece sample from midside should be attached to the back of each form.  A short form is available for A Book or up.  Forms are in the flock book and on this site.

For Mail-In, two photos (on photo paper) of every sheep are required:  (Click here to download a pdf from the Catch Pen, illustrating good photos and a fleece sample). One photo needs to be from the side to show the fleece, face and legs. At least 3 months of fleece growth is needed. One photo must show the tail . This “tail shot” can be taken in full fleece with a normal picture if the tail shows clearly.  After shearing, the tail shows clearly. Use any method that illustrates the tail. Tails may be long or undocked but not wide like a “fat tail” nor tapered/fluked as in the Shetland breed. We need good photos of rams horns to show they are not too close to the head. Write the sheep ID (Name or Tag #) and date photo was taken on the back of each photo and sample.  An annual flock photo of all or some of your sheep is encouraged. These photos may be shared in publications or used to define the N-C.

*Mail forms and fees to: N-CSA Office, Micki Jones, 1029 Zeliniski Rd., Goldendale, WA 98620.

Transfer of Ownership

It is the responsibility of the SELLER to complete the transfer section on the back of the Certificate and send in the Certificate of Registration papers to the N-CSA with $2.00 per head. Do not change tag numbers or names unless tags were replaced. Send the certificate and fees to Registrar, Connie Taylor. She will record the transfer, send the papers to the BUYER and publish the transfer in the Flock Book.

Pending or Temporary Certification for Lambs or Show – Send to Registrar – Connie Taylor

This type of registration would be used if you need certificates quickly for any sheep not yet registered or for lambs younger than 12 months. These applications do not go through the inspection process and are issued only for sheep who are the offspring of registered parents. N-CSA certifies the registered lineage. Send in form, photo and fees to Connie Taylor, Registrar. Say that SHOW or LAMB Papers are needed. A temporary document is issued.  It is NOT registered. When the lamb matures send in a photo, fleece sample and $1.00 attached to the temporary. A N-CSA Certificate will be issued IF  the sheep conforms.

Sire Certification

If you wish to be declared the Breeder but do not own the Sire that you used, the Ram Owner must verify the breeding. There is a Breeding Certificate at this link and at the back of the Flock Book that verifies this and can be attached to the application for registration.  The owner of ewe at time of breeding is considered BREEDER. If you purchase bred ewes, name the Breeder that you purchased the bred ewes from and attach a Breeding certificate. However, if you borrow a ram or take your ewes to be bred, name yourself as Breeder, but the owner of the ram must verify the breeding with a statement or Breeding Certificate.

Processing and Fees For Mail-In or Field Inspection:

Allow several weeks for your applications to be processed.  They are mailed to a network of inspectors.
            Rams: $5.00, Ewes: $3.00. Transfers $2.00
            Membership $25.00 (Must be current to register sheep)
            NonMembers may register at double fees.

*Inspection Process : Mail to OFFICE*
Send all applications to the N-CSA Office,  Micki Jones. She handles the enclosed fees, verifies membership status and determines if the forms have all the essential information such as ear tag numbers. Then the applications are mailed to various inspectors on the list below. Any inspectors listed may judge the mail-in applications. Any inspector on the list may also inspect live animals for owners. Inspectors who travel for inspections can ask the owner for expenses payable directly to the Inspector. All applications and fees are sent to N-CSA by the owner of the sheep, whether it is Mail-In or Field Inspected. Inspectors do not inspect their own sheep:

Inspectors 2015

Rebecca Gunther
1140 River Rd.
Hillsborough, NJ 0884
Connie Taylor
P.O. Box 1994
El Prado, NM 87529
Ingrid Painter
25782 Timber Road
Brownsville, OR 97327
Doug Montgomery
19562 NE Calkins Ln.
Newberg, OR 97132
John Harper
County Agri. Cntr,
Ukiah, CA 95482
Jim D. Keyes
USU Extension
Box 549
Monticello, UT 84535
Antonio Manzanares
PO Box 307
Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575
Dr. Lyle McNeal                   
PO Box 4454
Logan, UT 84323
Jim Sachse
3125 Dona Anna Rd.
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Marion Stanley
Sheep Specialist
54101 Pine Canyon Rd.
Kings City, CA 93930
Johnny Tom
1024 Hwy 575
Aztec, NM 87410
Jay Begay
PO Box 243
Tuba City, AZ 86045

N-CSA Complaint Process

            Suggestions for the improvement of N-CSA or concerns over N-CSA business should be written via e-mail or traditional mail and sent to each of three individuals:  #1. N-CSA Chair, #2.  Business Office, and #3. N-CSA Registrar.  This will assure that important issues are acted on as soon as possible.
            The Board is committed to seeing that any complaints or issues submitted by this process will be rapidly brought forward to the appropriate group for discussion and resolution.